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USA FREE is committed to the restoration of a strong, independent producer-based system of agriculture.  USA FREE provides research and education for the advancement of cattle production and rural communities.

Cattle producers and consumers must work together to aggressively reform government policies that are driving a wedge between cattle production and beef consumption. Together, we must restore the deep-rooted system that once connected consumers to cattle producers – the system that assured consumers the safest and most reliable food source by ensuring that cattle production remained in the hands of family farmers and ranchers who care deeply for the health and welfare of their cattle and who are the nation’s best stewards of our air, land, and water.     

The sustainability of your food supply is intrinsically linked to the sustainability of our U.S. cattle industry. Only by joining together can we sustain each other. We, the U.S. cattle industry, need you, the U.S. consumer, to help restore the security of our U.S. food system. 



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